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Single Sea Kayak (Anti-UV)


•    UV-Protected
•    Single Sit
•    Length: 481cm
•    Width: 65cm
•    Height: 40cm
•    Weight: 33kg
•    Color: Red & Blue, Yellow, Blue
•    Kayak with pedal, foot system
•    Durable LLDPE construction
•    Standard: Paddle, black bungee, drain cover, plugs, black handles, storage cover, flush rod holder.
•    Optional: Spray deck, dry bag, life vest, trolley, etc.


MIKA Vietnam Co., Ltd supplies water-sports and rescue products: spinal board, rescue board, head immobilizer, CPR mask, rescue tube, kayak, body board, surfboard, SUP board, bamboo veneer surfboard, kite surfing equipment, banana boat, fly fishing boat, life jacket, wet suit, helmet, fin, paddle, and other products in Viet Nam. Please feel free to contact us for the products you need.