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Savanna Kayak Canoe


Product Description:
Inflatable canoe is a great way to see outdoors. Fit the light weight Savanna in a black pack and several in a car trunk, which give you almost unlimited access to streams or lakes. Savanna 1+1 person canoe equips with two seats: a fix seat in the rear and a removable one in the middle. The semi-rigid I-beam floor and multiple chamber design keep the Savanna a solid shape on the water. Construction with thick and durable PVC makes the boat guaranteed not to leak. Grab line design in bow and stern gives extra safety consideration.

Key Features:
•    Light weight of 8kg/17.6lbs
•    1+1 seating with removable seating in the middle
•    Semi-rigid i-beam deck and double hull construction make the boat practically unsinkable
•    Construction with thick and durable PVC
•    Grab line design in bow and stern gives extra safety consideration
•    Safety rope holder and storage compartment in bow

Model: BT-888580
Item Size: 9'9"x 2'8" (2.92m x 0.8m)
No. of Air Chamber: 5+6
Max. Passenger: 1+1
Max. Payload: 120kg (264lbs)
Net Weight: 9.5kg (20.9lbs)
Standard Accessories: 8' foot pump, paddle set, carry bag and repair kit


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